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EPC – this is a certificate which provides all energy ratings to a home, also know and an Energy Performance Certificate.

This helps outline relevant ideas on how you can improve a buildings energy performance. There is always a good chance you can improve on these results.

Improving on this helps to reduce your household or business energy bills and your carbon footprint.

An EPC gives a clear guide to help improve your buildings energy performance.

Using this guide and implementing the changes highlighted will reduce bills, carbon footprint and make a home more attractive to any potential buyers as these reports are provided when a person looks to purchase a new home.

What will be needed to complete an EPC –

* Access to any loft space if possible

* Access to heating systems

* A boiler’s make and model if possible (can be found in the instruction manual)

* Any proof of cavity wall insulation as not always visible – if proof not supplied then EPC rating will automatically be defaulted to the insulation of when property was built

When will I receive the Commercial/Residential EPC

Once you have placed an order you will then be contacted by a member of our team who will be fully qualified in Domestic Energy Assessment, they will make you an appointment to carry out the Energy Assessment on your property.

The assessment normally takes up to an hour at the property in question but does depend on the size of the property. The assessor will then process all the information they have gathered and produce you with your Energy Performance Certificate. The vendor will receive a printed copy of this and an electronic copy will be issued to the vendor and the agent if needed.

This usually takes around 2 days to arrive.

What if I disagree with the rating?

A relevant judgement is recorded from a qualified assessor conducting an assessment from what they see when at a property.

If a mistake is made, then a new EPC may be required to be submitted this is normally completed with no extra charge to yourself.

However, if the EPC is incorrect due to you not providing information or making it available to view (example a certificate not being provided for wall insulation) then it may be that you have to pay again for the new EPC.

Every case will be judged individually and will not affect any of your statutory rights. As a company policy we would not charge the full rate again for any replacements of EPC, if brought to our attention within 14 days of the original assessment.

How long is a Commercial/Residential EPC valid for?

EPC’s for residential properties are valid for 10 years, this will stay with the property for this amount of time even if the property is sold numerous times within that period. You just pass this along from old owner to new owner.

However please be advised that it is normally very useful to have these upgraded even if still valid when owners change as it may have improved from the last due to renovations carried out.

Preparation for your Commercial/Residential EPC

EPC ratings are always produced from the collection of information gained by the DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) conducting the assessment at the property.

Areas that will be looked at are;

* Heating Systems along with their controls

* Wall and loft insulation

* Window types – double glazing

* Number of energy efficient lightbulbs in your house

* Age and type of property

It takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete this assessment just depending on your property size.

EPC’s show energy ratings for a property with efficiency ratings using a rating scale of A to G (A being the best and G being the least).

Recommendations on how to improve these ratings will also be provided, these may include; installing a new boiler if the one you have is old to replacing single glazing windows with double glazing.



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