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City of London Surveyors (known as Survey 24) have a team of highly qualified, highly experienced and very trustworthy Fire Risk Assessors.

Between the team we have many years’ experience in Fire Risk Assessment and therefore we can assure you that your building or property meets all the correct Fire Safety Standards.

In October 2006 The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order 2005 (FSO) came into effect replacing more than 80 fire safety laws that were already in place.

FSO applies to 

HMO’s – House in multiple occupation / Non-domestic premises in England and Wales and Common parts of blocks of flats.

New law applies if you are;

* Occupying a residential property which shares some communal areas like – hallways or stairs which are linked to a business premises

* If you are and employer or self-employed and occupy a business premises which is part of a dwelling, so you solely use your part for business

* Any voluntary organisation or charity

Fire surveys are carried out on any new or even existing property to help determine exactly what fire safety measures are required. The report that is given at the end will highlight all areas of improvement work.

FRA (Fire Risk Assessment) where all potential hazards which could cause harm are highlighted and identified. Any risks can then be assessed and used to prioritise control measures for these, resulting in the risk of any injury being reduced to the acceptable level.

Please note once any fire hazard that has been identified must then be assessed to confirm if this risk can be removed, therefore resulting in no need for controlling the risk that comes with it.

If there is no possible way to remove a certain hazard completely from the equation, then you must implement the correct measures to at least reduce this risk.



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